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Lindile Mteza  


Lindile Mteza is a registered Quantity Surveyor and Executive  Managing Member of Lindile Mteza & Associates, a registered Quantity Surveying Practice. He has more than 21 years of experience in quantity surveying, construction principal agency  and community construction projects. His past experience entails commercial, residential, schools, clinics, public sector, magistrate’s courts, community and hospitals projects. 

Lindile also has many years of experience in asset protection,  which entails effective maintenance of fixed property (residential, commercial and industrial). Responsible for environmental and safety management of the properties, five-year maintenance plans, financial plans and budgets. At Eskom Properties where he worked in the late nineties, he was  responsible for an annual budget of about R72 million and 500 personnel. He also provides total turnkey contracts, management services for property maintenance, alterations and additions as well as new projects complete with payment certificates and status reports. Before joining the building industry, Lindile worked seven years for Standard Bank of S.A. With his experience in PPP, Lindile was also involved as a bidder for the dti Campus.

Being an avid golfer and with strong personal involvement with environmental protection, renewable energies and sustainable farming, Lindile joined PLeace Awaken to spearhead our community projects and drive forward the PLeace Awaken Caddy Academy.


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