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PLeace Awaken World ! - Voices for Peace & Understanding

PLeace Awaken World, founded in Austria in 2022, is a musical platform to bring together singers and musicians from around the world to stand up for peace and justice in times of war, conflict and misinformation.

The Music

PLeace Awaken Academy

Correspondence Program

The PLeace Golf Academy is an educational program currently being developed out of our roundtable materials alongside our luminaries to offer a basic program on human rights, the environment, climate action and other issues concerning the global community. The programs will be prepared in different formats varying in duration and depth for different demographics such as business, schools or families, and depending on the desired credentials and qualifications, lasting from as little as two weeks to 12 months.

PLeace Golf Ladies!

is an initiative for women and girls as well as growing young men to find empowerment through learning golf and strong mentorship to battle the global rise of gender driven and mental health related violence. We're bringing both golfing and non-golfing celebrities together in a mentorship program for women and children from fragile social settings to teach them golf in an uplifting setting and to raise awareness for both women and men to seek help. We're collaborating with organizations in five continents to assure this campaign really produces change. We align equal-minded charities and initiatives that are working on the ground with qualified golf professionals and legend golfers that teach the ladies and young men on a regular basis.

Vocational School

For those that the Pleace Golf mentorship program is not enough to get themselves out of their abusive relationship, mainly mothers with young children, we're setting up a vocational academy in style of a boarding school with its own school for the children. This way the women have a safe haven in which to build a foundation of independence, knowing their children are looked after and educated themselves at the same time. The ladies will be working towards Career Diplomas over an 18-24 months period in specialized courses of study with hands-on skill development in a vast variety of fields and professions related to healthcare, technology, business, beauty, entertainment, creative arts and so on. At the same time, they're getting a world-class overall education in skills like accounting, creative writing, foreign correspondence, etc., to ensure employment opportunities in their field of choice after graduation. Should they not have matriculated, they can do so alongside their vocational schooling.

Orange Farm

Vocational Program for Men

For the men in need, abusive partners, abuse victims and those in emotional or economic distress, we're organizing a caddy program teaching them the ropes of the golf industry and putting them through a mental coach and anger management training, to help them become a reliable father for their children and maybe even get a chance to piece together their relationships. From this first qualification, we'll be offering further vocational programs and certifications into other professions.

Education for prisons

We are looking to make all educational programs of the PLeace Awaken Academy available to inmates, to assist in their rehabilitation as valuable contributors to society. The foundation of all PLeace Awaken educational programs is a basic knowledge of Human rights, environmental concerns and nature conservation along with training objectives based on sustainability and futuristic technology. All students will also get a solid foundation in physical and mental health, nutrition and sports, mainly Golf.

PLeace Help !

In conjunction with our South African roundtable on violenceand in cooperation with other charities and organizations, we are putting together a free-of-charge app and web site to help people in distress and immediate danger with access to local embassies, emergency hotlines and an anonymous geo-tracking system to alert the police and closest app users and security professionals.


PLeace Help !

PLeace Golf Academy

We are also working closely together with international golfing governing bodies to further promote the sport not only physical and mental well-being but also as a means of communication, a bridge of culture and powerful tool for change.

Sustainable Energy & Environmental Restoration

In conjunction with our vocational school, we're looking to set up pilot projects of new environment friendly energy technologies, sustainable farming and nature restoration solutions.

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