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What We Do

What We Do

PLeace Awaken was founded as a series of roundtables and think tanks to create worldwide positive change on environmental, social/economic, and humanitarian issues using celebrity golf events as a means of communication across cultures and a powerful tool for change. Framed through the lens of the popular global sport of golf, we bring together experts and influencers to raise funds for refugees and abuse victims and gain momentum towards stopping human rights violations on both a small and large scale. 

PLeace Awaken envisions influencing global policy changes as the result of bringing together impactful, philanthropic, and influential people and organizations to brainstorm and implement solutions for humanitarian problems. 

Our roundtables serve three purposes: 

• to bring awareness to different human rights violations and socio-economic challenges by bringing them in front of a group of celebrities and influencers and then streaming/broadcasting them to a broader audience. 

• to bring top experts and luminaries together at one event to brainstorm the best and most effective ways to implement solutions in local and international communities. 

• to put pressure on governments, corporations, and other decision makers to not only observe human rights themselves, but also to stop turning a blind eye and/or whitewashing the issues for their own economic and strategic purposes. 

How do we do this?

• We create new and exciting golf events that attract high-profile participants who are willing to participate in the roundtable discussions and to influence positive change.

• We identify experts in various fields to join our discussions aimed at finding solutions for humanitarian challenges and ways to counter misinformation.

• We produce songs and stage concerts to raise funds and awareness and to give support to the victims of conflict, violence, oppression, and disaster.

• We work closely with international golf governing bodies to further promote the sport not only for physical and mental well-being but also as a means of to bridge cultures and make a difference on a national and/or local level.


Our Events

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Golf Events

PLeace Awaken World ! - Voices for Peace & Understanding

PLeace Awaken World, founded in Austria in 2022, is a musical platform to bring together singers and musicians from around the world to stand up for peace and justice in times of war, conflict and misinformation.

The Music

PLeace Awaken Academy

PLeace Golf Ladies!

is an initiative for women and girls as well as young men to find empowerment through learning golf and strong mentorship to battle the global rise of gender and mental health related violence. We're bringing both golfing and non-golfing celebrities together in a mentorship program for women and children from fragile social settings to teach them golf in an uplifting setting and to raise awareness for both women and men to seek help. We're collaborating with organizations in five continents to assure this campaign really produces change. We align equal-minded charities and initiatives that are working on the ground with qualified golf professionals and legend golfers that teach the ladies and young men on a regular basis.

PLeace Golf Academy

We are also working closely together with international golfing governing bodies to further promote the sport not only physical and mental well-being but also as a means of communication, a bridge of culture and powerful tool for change.

Sustainable Energy & Environmental Restoration

In conjunction with our vocational school, we're looking to set up pilot projects of new environment friendly energy technologies, sustainable farming and nature restoration solutions.

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PLeace Awaken World

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