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Ron Masak



Birthdate: July 1, 1936
Ron Masak
Nationality: American
Home Country: United States of America
Tour Ranking: TBA
HCP: 21
Other Links: Ron's Home Page
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  Ron at Wikipedia  

Ron Masak is an American actor best known for his eight-year leading role on “Murder, she wrote”. Trained in the Classics at CCC in Chicago, Ron has proven himself equally at home on stage or screen, with Shakespeare or slapstick. Professionally, he has played everything from Stanley in “Streetcar Named Desire” to Sakini in “Teahouse of the August Moon”; from Will Stockdale in “No Time For Sergeants” to Marc Antony in “Julius Caesar”.

More proof of his versatility was seen in “Mr. Roberts”, where in one production he played Ensign Pulver and in another production, Mr. Roberts himself. He was resident leading man at the Candlelight Theatre in Chicago for three and a half years, where he never missed a performance. His knack at doing impressions won him a trip around the world as a member of the All Army show. Again, in over 700 shows, he never missed a performance. He was the only military policeman ever to do the show.

It was while doing theatre and commercials in Chicago that he was brought to the attention of producer Harry Ackerman and was brought to California to test for the lead in a pilot. While in California, Ron met John Sturges and was cast in “Ice Station Zebra”. His filmography is a testament to his range and skill as an actor. Equally at home on the concert tour, he has emceed hundreds of shows for the top names in the variety field. He is also a popular talk and game show guest. It was while doing research for his movie role as Mark Twain in “Mark Twain's Greatest Adventure: It's a Matter of Time” that he wrote his one man show “At Home with Mark Twain”.

An outstanding athlete, he has his own uniform and worked out with the L.A. Dodgers for over 20 years. He is often introduced as “one of America’s most familiar faces,” but since his eight year run as Sheriff Mort Metzger on Murder, She Wrote, we can safely say that he is "one of the world’s most familiar faces"

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