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Michaela Gerg



Alpine Skier
Michaela Gerg
Birthdate: November 10, 1965
Nationality: German
Home Country: Austria
Tour Ranking: TBA
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Michaela Gerg: Get up or stay down – success is in your hands!

A chubby child becomes one of the most successful German ski racers – with more than 120 top ten rankings – 41 of them in the top three – between 1980 and 1996. Four World Cup victories, 1989 World Championship bronze in the Super G, 3 World Championship titles as Junior and the participation in four Olympic Games complete her impressive list of achievements.

The manner in which she fought her way back to the top after crash-landings was remarkable. After retiring, family life became her focus. Six months after the birth of her son, she was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid – this diagnosis put a lot question marks about how life should be managed.

After finishing her sports career, Michaela worked as TV commentator in the German TV and Eurosport. Beside this she never stopped working as a Ski guide for company events. Aged 42 she became entrepreneur and since she passes on her knowledge and experience in her Ski school in Lenggries / Germany.

Her ability to deal with success and failure and determination to embark on an entirely different and new career prove that making one’s own decisions and breaking new ground is really worthwhile. In the meantime "Michi Gerg Ski School" employs more than 60 ski instructors. In 2012, she launched the "Stiftung Schneekristalle" (Snow Crystal Foundation), which supports socially disadvantaged and disabled children. These children get the chance to experience the values of sport, like fairness, team play and motivation followed by the goal to strengthen the children´s Self-confidence.

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