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Angie Everhart



Actress & Model
Birthdate: September 7, 1969
Angie Everhart
Nationality: American
Home Country: United States of America
Tour Ranking: TBA
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Angie Everhart is an American actress and supermodel. With a career that began at the age of 14, Angie skyrocketed from high school mascot to stunning supermodel overnight when she was discovered while working at a local fashion show in Akron, OH. She was working in NY within two weeks. Angie called France home for 10 years starting at the age of 17 where she became fluent in French and quite a bit of Italian.

Recognized worldwide for her undeniable beauty, Angie graced the covers of Elle and Glamour and was the first redhead to be on the cover of American Glamour, all by the time she was 18. Appearing on countless magazine covers and featured in editorials made Angie a household name and gained her much notoriety among magazine editors. This paved the way for Angie’s appearance in Sports Illustrated Magazine’s most popular issue, the swimsuit issue, four times.

These high profile associations caught the attention of famed fashion houses such as Chanel, YSL Rive Gauche, Lolita Lempicka, Christian Dior, Versace, Gianfranco Ferré, Max Mara and Christian Lacroix to name a few. Angie was also the first redhead ever to have a cosmetic contract (with the French company PHAS). Beyond being featured in print campaigns for major fashion and beauty brands, Angie also participated in every major haute couture runway show and fashion event in the world. Internationally recognized for her incredible mainstream appeal, the corporate world has capitalized on her presence as an international icon as demonstrated by the success of her work for Levi’s, Finesse, L’Oreal, Pantene, Palmers skin care, and Nutri System.

Angie also made a successful transition from the runway to the big screen having co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Last Action Hero”, with David Caruso in “Jade”, and starred in such films as“Bordello of Blood” with Dennis Miller and “Another 9 ½ Weeks” with Mickey Rourke. Her most recent film “Take Me Home Tonight” stars Topher Grace and was released theatrically by Universal Studios in 2011.

Angie has also made guest appearances on hit television shows such as “3rd Rock From the Sun”, “Caroline in the City”, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and was seen regularly as Carly in the NBC action-drama “UC: Undercover”. She appeared as Chessie in the NBC Miniseries “First To Die”, the Sci- Fi Channel’s “Bugs” with Antonio Sabato Jr. and Hallmark Channel’s "The Hollywood Mom's Mystery". She has hosted numerous TV shows, including the “M6 Awards” (French Music TV Awards), which was broadcast live in French. She was also seen competing against a few other celebrities in ABC’s “Celebrity Mole Yucatan” in which she was “The Mole”. Most recently Angie developed, created, produced, and starred in a documentary film for HD Net where cameras followed her ascent to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa to explore the affects global warming has had on the mountains ice cap.

On a personal level Angie is passionate about children’s charities, environmental causes and loves extreme sports. She has always tested her physical limits and has over 300 sky dives around the world, been lit on fire for a stunt show, successfully raced cars, won golf tournaments, climbed mountains and has a passion for the equestrian arts. Angie has had the rare opportunity to be in some of the most extreme conditions and worked with the fashion industries best designers, make-up artists, and photographers and has been able to explore virtually every skin, hair and beauty product made. Coupled with her knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry and her passion for the very best, she has been inspired to create a hair care line of her own which she will prove to be her greatest success yet.

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