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PLeace Awaken Conservation & Sustainable Development is a project by people, who set themselves the goal to develop projects for regions worldwide, who envision an energy supply from a 100% sustainable source and to develop, standardize and distribute safe green products that solve environmental catastrophes such as oil spills, freshwater pollution and the global plastic contamination. 

Oil Spill

Solving environmental problems has been a toxicological nightmare, while attempting to deal with hazardous chemicals with more hazardous chemicals per status quo. Thinking outside the box, developing products that preserve and protect, is the new paradigm in insuring the future of our environment and our children.


Our challenge is to identify and find sustainable solutions, so that our children, animals and natural habitats around the world can flourish again. Resources like energy, fresh water, and food must be preserved for future generations to enjoy. As the world’s population increases, new methods of sustainable green environmentally friendly businesses must create synergy for the survival of our planet. PLeace Awaken is that hub where science and technology come together with economic resources so that this new paradigm can take seed and create a world we all aspire to with new ideas that benefit us all.

Wind Energy

"We did not inherit this world from our parents. We borrowed it from our children." - Native American Proverb

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