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Participation & Qualification for the Celebrity & Living Legends Tour Final:

The Celebrity Ranking System:

Official PLeace Awaken Tournaments are eligible for ranking points. Any player competing in any of these tournaments will receive ranking points subject to their respective finish position (using the gross modified stableford system) and according to the tournament’s strength of field. The top ranked players are eligible for the finals and the chance of being crowned the world`s best celebrity golfer.

The Strength of the Field:

Is based on the sum of the best 15-25 handicap players.

Amateur Golfers:

Qualifying Events:

Amateur golfers are eligible as a paying participant, pre-qualifier, sponsor and special PLeace Awaken Invitees.

Final Event:

Top finishes of qualifying events according to field size, Main Tour Sponsor and PLeace Awaken invitees.

Professional Golfers:

Any professional golfer (already qualified) being invited to make a special appearance for the qualifying rounds will play as a celebrity but won’t qualify for the celebrity ranking system. Non qualified professionals may qualify through the qualifying events (see Professional golfers for qualifying events). The Final will be a 36 hole stroke play event for the “Living Legend Title”.

The Form of Play:

For the qualifying events, all celebrities and amateurs play an individual modified double-in stableford tournament over 36 holes. The winning amateur golfers are also eligible for the finals.

Qualifying Events consist of:

Minimum 15 celebrities per event
30 Pre-Qualifiers
Paying participants
Sponsors & Invitees

Participation & Qualification for the Continental Cup:

PLeace Awaken will host the first “Continental Cup”, bringing together the best 8 celebrity- and professional golfers from each of our five beautiful continents, Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania with two legend captains from their respective continent. Respectively, only 8 spots per continental team will be available for purchase. The final celebrity and golfer list will be published three weeks prior to the event. The team with the most points over two days of a Double-in Birdie and Better format will be hailed as Continental Cup winner.


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