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7. - 12. October 2020

* Social Distancing * Social Responsibility * Social Uplifting *

* Social Change *

PLeace Awaken for Empathy & Solidarity and
tee-off for the women of South Africa and the women of the world

PLeace G.O.L.F. Ladies !

From the 7th to the 12th of October we're bringing celebrities out to the golf course to play the tournament or learn golf for our future events and raise awareness about the global rise of gender based and mental health related violence and solutions to tackle the problem: by encouraging not only the victims but also those consumed by fear, trauma, addiction and rage to seek help before it's too late, and break the cycle of despair and violence at its core.

PLeace G.O.L.F. World !

Humanity has come to a crossroads. COVID-19 not only managed to shutdown social life as we know it but exposed everything broken in our social system. PLeace G.O.L.F. World ! is a new cyber-alternative for Covid times to allow a full tournament accommodating physical distancing and travel restrictions, while raising awareness on the flaws brought to light and how to fix them.

To accommodate the new social distancing rules, we have come up with an international golf event that will comply with all COVID-19 safety measures and give opportunity to all participants to help create positive social change around the world. We're streaming real-time cyber tournaments with a new app from different golf courses around the world, interlaced with music and introductions to different organizations that are working on the ground and in the communities with solutions for these difficult times and beyond.

These events allows for a full tournament field, being broadcast through streaming. With everybody at their home course or the course closest to them, the participants will be registered on the web app so all that is needed is a code to open the score card. At the first tee an introduction with comments and the message of the player will be filmed by the respective partner with their phone, along with the first tee shot and the last three holes, which count double the points. As the tournament progresses from east to west, a live leader board can be followed until the last pairings complete their rounds in the west.

The celebrities and golf legends have an opportunity to raise awareness on different social, ecological or other crucial issues and send encouraging messages to their fans and supporters as they arrive on "the green carpet" and walk to the first tee. What can we do to use this global challenge to emerge empowered and uplifted, and evolve into a more conscious, ascended and compassionate society? The choice is ours to reshape the future for the better in this new dawn.

Be Part Of It. Join Our Family Of Change!


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