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PLeace G.O.L.F. Carolina !



South Carolina

Dates 18. - 21. November 2022
PLeace G.O.L.F. Carolina is hosted in South Carolina, one of the world's leading golf destinations famous for its vast relaxing and stunning beaches, water parks and exclusive holiday resorts. You can enjoy romantic carriage ride through Charleston or visit its fort in Charleston harbor where the Civil War started. South Carolina also offers some of the south's most gorgeous plantations and peaceful nature trails of Caesars Head State Park. With the Atlantic at the doorstep, the Carolinas offer some of America's best deep sea fishing. We work closely with the local tourism sectors and are happy to assist with any add-on packages. With average temperatures around 20 degrees, our venue offers two 18 hole championship golf courses. Tee off for a more solidary world and support our Grid of Light spreading awareness on solutions to mobilize the global community in times of crisis.

Covid-19 brought the world to a halt and caused one of the biggest democratic crises in the history of our modern society. The impact was greater than ever imagined as other pandemics of humanity were washed to the surface: domestic violence, mental health struggles, racism, cyber-bullying, mass incitement and conspiracy theory; masses taking to the streets in despair and world leaders crumbling under the pressure. Millions have perished, millions are looking at the shambles of their existence and livelihoods, while the underlying problems still loom over the vulnerability of humanity itself. And, history is prone to repeat itself, with the full scale of the aftermath still lurking in the unknown and new global threats waiting to unfold like growing international hostility and worldwide climate change raging on. It's time for the global community to take action and pull all resources together to stabilize democracy, social justice and gender equality for future generations. Let's step up and come together! PLeace Golf Carolina !


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