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Welcome to the African Capital of Culture 2020, listed twice on the universal heritage list, through its medina and Jamaa Lafna Square. Marrakesh is an invitation to all culture lovers: Souks, its city walls and gates, its world-famous gardens, palaces, riads and mosques; museums, music, crafts, food and festivals. You can walk through the city into the mysterious, well-preserved medinas, bathed in the pink glow of its adobe walls. The red walls of the city and various buildings constructed in red sandstone have given it the nickname "Ochre City", evoking tales of the Arabian Nights in the glow of the setting sun. With temperatures around 20 degrees in February, Morocco is the perfect location for a relaxing winter break of golf, especially on this PAR 72 golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones. What are you waiting for? Head to Morocco for birdies and eagles and tee off for a more climate-friendly future! Support our Grid of Light, spreading awareness for climate-friendly solutions, new technology and scientific findings that can be implemented around the world.

The main cause for global warming is the mass deforestation, the excess burning of fossil fuels and the resulting emissions of carbon dioxide (CO²). Through the release of greenhouse gases, the atmospheric composition is changed, resulting in the melting of glaciers, the continuous rise of the sea level and the climatic changes: Heat waves, floods, snow fall in summer and devastating storms. The temperature rise of the oceans has changed the rainfall patterns and through the global temperature rise the evaporation rate increases, leading to droughts and desiccation globally. The increased and built up energy in the atmosphere leads to severe weather conditions and storms, with tropical hurricanes becoming more and more ruthless. The oceans not only get warmer but also absorb the CO² and acidify, leading to the destruction of entire oceanic regions. Science has given us many possible solutions. Our job now, is to turn these possibilities into reality. New technology, new studies and new scientific findings can lead the way into a new paradigm. Let's raise our voices and make that difference! PLeace Golf Morocco !


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