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PLeace G.O.L.F. Japan !




Dates 17. - 20. March 2023
PLeace G.O.L.F. Japan ! is hosted in Japan's riviera Shizuoka, on central Honshu’s Pacific coast and home to the iconic Mt. Fuji, a two hour drive from our venue. In the south, the Izu Peninsula is known for its beaches and hot spring resorts. Tea is the most famous product with the small city Kakegawa being the number one producer of tea in Japan. Ito is a famous hot spring resort town on the eastern coast of the Izu Peninsula with impressive historic buildings such as the grand Tokaikan in its center, and outside of town the beautiful Jogasaki Coast. Tokyo is just a two hour ride away. Our venue offers two championship golf courses, PAR 70 and 72, designed by Mitsuaki Otani and Charles H. Alison. With avrrage temperatures of 22°C and a soft breeze from the Pacific, this is the perfect setting to tee off for a healthier world. Support our Grid of Light, spreading awareness for solutions to treat illness that can be implemented around the world.

Cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and many other "incurable" diseases increasingly take hold of our stress-controlled society. Crammed schedules and existential fears are getting worse in our unstable economic state. The forerunners such as body acidosis, stomach ulcers and burnout are suppressed with medication until serious illness occurs. For many, such a diagnosis is like a death sentence. But there are those sparsely documented cases of "condemned to death" people who experienced a complete recovery by ancient knowledge and new discoveries with gentle methods. By the most recent findings and branches of research in medicine, psychology and biology, new treatment approaches have emerged, which in cooperation with qualified medical professionals, universities and hospitals slowly get recognition and approval. PLeace Awaken brings together internationally renowned physicians, world-renowned scientists and quantum physicists with traditional healers. This way, the medicine of the future, based upon ancient knowledge and proven methods, can conform itself. Let's go and make that difference! PLeace G.O.L.F. Japan !


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