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PLeace G.O.L.F. Austria !




Dates 2. - 5. September 2022
PLeace G.O.L.F. Austria is hosted in the beautiful Tyrolean alps, crossing into Germany's gorgeous Chiemgau region, nestled between hiking trails, rivers, romantic mountain meadows and the famous century-old farm houses with facade frescos of traditional scenes. September is also the season for the ceremonial cattle drives. The worldfamous alpine village Kitzbühel, home of the Hahnenkamm race, is an hour drive away as is the medieval town Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart. Vienna can be reached by car within 4 hours. And, if you have time to stick around, the Munich Oktoberfest, just a 2 hour drive away, starts the weekend after the event.  With average September temperatures of 18 to 20°C the setting of this 18 hole championship golf course designed by Thomas Himmel & John Haradin is going to be your perfect late summer vacation. Tee off for a safer world and support our Grid of Light, spreading awareness for solutions to end human trafficking and organized crime that can be implemented around the world.

In 2017 more people died from homicide than in armed conflicts. One fifth of those was as a result of organized crime. Human trafficking, drugs, weapons, armed robbery, counterfeiting, money laundering, cybercrime, poaching; the forms of organized crime are many. Human trafficking has turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry, with sex-trafficking alone pulling in about 99 billion. Approximately 40 million people are victims of modern slavery, 25 million in forced labor and 15 million in a forced marriage. About 30,00 of these people die yearly from neglect, abuse, disease or torture. The smuggling of refugees is another new industry, killing almost 5,000 a year. Due to inadequate safe-routes for refugees, this new sector of organized crime has turned over about 7 billion in one year alone, smuggling about 2.5 million refugees across borders. Also syndicates of forced beggars and pick-pockets, often using children, are firmly established in many countries around the world, in many countries even involving brutal robberies involving torture, rape and murder to get to the loot. We are bringing together different individuals and organizations that have developed working models and strategies in reducing organized syndicates and helping the victims. Let's raise our voice and make that difference! PLeace G.O.L.F. Austria !


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