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PLeace G.O.L.F. Australia !




Dates 18. - 21. February 2022

PLeace G.O.L.F. Australia ! is hosted in Swan Valley, Western Australia's oldest wine region with vineyards, the heritage trail, coffe shops, traditional farms, the colonial charm of Guildford, chocolatiers, Indigenous culture and Caversham Wildlife Park with over 200 native animals. Perth, the capital of Western Australia is just a 25 minute ride away, and the 2.2 million hectare Shark Bay World Heritage area with its abundance of marine life is about 8,5 hours up the coast. At Monkey Mia you can interact with wild bottlenose dolphins or visit Shell Beach, made up of billions of tiny shells up to 10 metres deep. With April temperatures of 26°C, this venue offers two 18 hole golf courses designed by Ross Watson and Graham Marsh. Tee off for a clean and healthy environment and support our Grid of Light, spreading awareness for solutions and new methods for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future that can be implemented around the world.

Through the pollution of the ocean surface and the coast lines, through dumped fuel oil, as well as the waste oil found in industrial wastewater, ports, etc., year by year, increasingly large habitats are being destroyed. The problem of plastic waste in the oceans has become another internationally known environmental problem. The industrial use of pesticides and fertilizers, poorly managed landfills and sewage, the mining of oil and fuels and other mineral extractions as well as drainage of contaminated surface water into the soil have left vast areas of land depleted and useless or even hazardous for cultivation or living. The poor quality of drinking water in most countries is another increasing concern, fueled by big corporations buying up large natural water resources for resale of bottled water. Our challenge is to identify and find sustainable solutions, so that our children, animals and natural habitats around the world can flourish again. Resources like energy, fresh water, and food must be preserved for future generations. As the world’s population increases, new methods of sustainable green environmentally friendly businesses must create synergy for the survival of our planet. PLeace Awaken will host this interdisciplinary round table as a hub where science and technology come together with economic resources so that a new paradigm can take seed with new ideas that benefit us all. Let's go and make that difference! PLeace G.O.L.F. Australia !


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