"The PLeace Awaken Celebrity & Living Legends Golf Tour"

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Criteria of Participation





Professional Golfers qualified for final event

  • Top 10 of the world rankings men
  • The top Major Winners men (minimum of two majors)
  • The best amateur man
  • Top 10 of the world rankings women
  • The best amateur woman
  • The top Major Winners women (minimum 2 majors)
  • Winners of our qualifying events

Professional golfers for the qualifying events:

  • Local Legends & household names
  • Present top ten in the individual 6 major tours
  • Individuals who had a substantial impact on the game of golf in their country

Amateur Golfers:

  • 20 men and 10 ladies pre-qualify for the qualifying event as club champions
  • Winners of the qualifying events preceed to the final
  • Paying Participants (only for the qualifying events)
  • Sponsors (only for the qualifying events)
  • PLeace Awaken Invitees

Celebrities (only qualifying events):

  • Actresses & Actors: 3 leading roles on a national film or television movie, or 3 seasons of a hit series
  • Singers: 7 national top 10 hits
  • World Leaders & Royals
  • Authors: 7 national bestsellers
  • The best of each qualifying event will qualify for the Finals.
  • Handicap Limit: Registered golfer

Celebrity Sportsmen & Women:

  • Hall of Famers and winners of 2 major titles in the following sports:

Tennis, Rugby, American Football, Cricket, Baseball, Soccer, F1 Racing, Basketball and Alpine Skiing. Extraordinary individuals of other sports may be included.

A participant may, due to the interests of the causes and importance of the event and the charity, be included by the organizers without meeting any of the above criterion. Being an invitational event, the right of admission remains reserved.

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