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PLeace G.O.L.F. Academy

The Academy

The PLeace Golf Academy! is an initiative for women and girls as well as growing young men around the globe to find empowerment through learning golf and strong mentorship to battle the global rise of gender driven and mental health related violence. We're bringing both golfing and non golfing celebrities together in a mentorship program for women and children from fragile social settings to teach them golf in an uplifting setting and to raise awareness for both women and men to seek help.

We're collaborating with organizations in five continents to assure this campaign really produces change. We align equal-minded charities and initiatives that are working on the ground with qualified golf professionals and legend golfers that teach the ladies and young men on a regular basis in the hosting countries of the PLeace Golf tournaments. By engaging PLeace Awaken Celebrity Golf Tour players as further mentors to take these new golfers for an occasional practice round and positive encouragement, we again create a powerful voice for equality and human rights.

Our mentoring program is a great way to develop talent, with benefits for everybody involved in the relationship. PLeace Awaken, with the help of the celebrities, professional golfers, counselors and volunteers, combined with the game of golf, creates effective frameworks to maximize the benefits of this natural human relationship.












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