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The PLeace Awaken Celebrity & Living Legends Golf Tour is a series of celebrity golf events, initiated for the betterment of those who have been overlooked and for those who have lost their voice.

The approach of PLeace Awaken is to become involved at grass root level; in projects for education, shelter, new medical solutions, high-tech environmental cleaning methods, nature and animal conservation as well as new policy integration.

The main aim of these events is to bring people of influence from entertainment, sports and politics together, to initiate large-scale, nongovernmental projects that will bring about lasting change, and can be integrated into regional development policies. In a think-tank and round-table-conference style, PLeace GOLF sets the stage with music, food and podium discussions, whereby professional golfers, celebrities and economic leaders get together for a round of golf to help create positive change in different areas around the world.

The celebrities, consisting of two groups, entertainers and professional sportsmen and women, will play in specified events utilizing a new ranking system, whereby they compete to qualify for the final event, with the winner being crowned the Living Legends Celebrity Champion and Number One in the world of celebrity golfers. The professional golfers, through a strictly invitational and Living Legends System, will play the final event for the Living Legend title.

The Living Legends Golf Challenge is a win-win situation for all parties involved. The Celebrities have the opportunity of playing and qualifying for a world celebrity ranking, and qualifying for the final event to play with the living legends on one of the world’s most famous golf courses. The Golfing Public has an opportunity to play with the celebrities and, together with the celebrities, qualify to play with the living legends at the final event. The Living Legends have the opportunity of winning the title “Best Player Alive”.

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