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The world is in the process of splitting; right against left, East against West, rich against poor, traditional against alternative and religion against religion. Among the people worldwide, hopelessness and powerlessness are spreading, slowly turning to despair and hatred. "Pleace Awaken!" was founded to build bridges and launch initiatives that pick up where suffering and helplessness dominate life.

Why, for example, do the media not report more to the positive to get people motivated? Why does no one listen, and ask the individual what really satisfies and makes them happy? Why isn't the job created for everyone's highest calling? Why are the billions in subsidies accessible only to those who can advance thousands or even millions, and not to those who are without means, but full of brilliant ideas that could really move something? Why do we not adopt successful patterns from those who have mastered them?

It's time to open our eyes and awaken. War can only survive where fear and poverty govern life. Where prosperity and joy affect everyday life, peace also can find its way back.

The purpose of Pleace Awaken is to launch and support initiatives that campaign humanitarian purposes, such as infrastructure development, animal and nature conservation, as well as the improvement of living conditions. We aim for projects such as:

  • print media on positive information and support of started projects
  • television and video productions on environmental development and social issues
  • publication of data, facts and statistics for the development of solutions with positive aspects
  • build political bridges between disputing countries and cultures through large-scale projects
  • crosslink people for mutual assistance
  • organization of conferences on the above mentioned topics
  • web-portals on to the above mentioned issues

How we finance ourselves:

The financing of PLeace Awaken is carried out by:

  • donations
  • capital contribution of own funds
  • Crowd-Funding for the individual projects
  • grants
  • Sponsors for the individual projects and events

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